Uncover Top Online Resources For Choir Music Now!

Finding just the right choral music for your choir can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Luckily, the digital world is awash with online resources perfect for choir directors and singers alike.

This blog post will guide you through the best websites and platforms, helping you uncover hidden gems for your next performance. Dive in to discover how these top picks can harmonize your search for choir music!

Key Takeaways

  • You can find a lot of choir music online for free or to buy. Websites like ChoralNet and Graphite Publishing have big collections.
  • Following composers on the internet can help you stay up-to-date with new songs and tips for your choir.
  • Santa Barbara Music Publishing Company has lots of different kinds of music that works well for choirs in schools and churches.
  • Using smart systems on websites like Spotify or YouTube helps choir directors find new music they might like.
  • Warm-up exercises, opera resources, choral pieces, and books are all useful for singers and choir leaders to improve.


Where to Find Great Choral Music Online

Looking for the best online resources to discover great choral music? From utilizing algorithm recommendations to browsing through Graphite Publishing, there are various avenues to explore.

Following composers and engaging with Santa Barbara Music Publishing Company can also lead you to hidden gems in the world of choir music.

Befriend the Algorithm

Get to know how websites suggest music just for you. Many online places use smart systems to show songs and choir pieces that match what you like. This can help choir directors find new amazing music for their groups.

The better you understand these smart systems, the more they can help you.

Start clicking on choral music you enjoy. The website will learn and then start showing more things like it. Use this trick on websites with lots of choir scores and see your list grow with cool choices for your group to sing next! Then, take a look at Graphite Publishing where even more beautiful choruses wait for you.

Browse Graphite Publishing

Graphite Publishing is a treasure chest for choir music. It's like an online store where you can find lots of new songs to sing. You can look through many pieces of music made by different composers.

Some songs are happy and fast, while others are slow and make you think. Choir directors love it because they can listen to the music before they decide if they want their choir to sing it.

You don't have to worry about buying the wrong song because you get to see the sheet music too. This saves time and makes sure your choir gets exciting, fresh songs that everyone will enjoy singing! Plus, Graphite Publishing has all types of choral scores so whether you need something for a small group or a big choir, they've got you covered.

Follow the Composer

After checking out Graphite Publishing, another smart move is to keep up with composers who write choral music. Following a composer online can lead you to fresh choir songs and help you learn about their latest work.

Look for your favorite composers on social media or visit their personal websites where they might share new music scores or tips about vocal technique.

You also can join email lists for updates directly from composers. They often send news about new pieces or upcoming events that could be perfect for your choir. Some may even talk about the background of their work, giving you insights that could make singing their music more meaningful.

Explore Santa Barbara Music Publishing Company

Santa Barbara Music Publishing Company is an essential online resource for choir directors and music educators to discover a wide array of choral music. This platform offers an extensive collection of high-quality choral compositions, providing access to diverse repertoire suitable for various choir settings, including church choirs and school ensembles.

By exploring Santa Barbara Music Publishing Company, choir directors can find engaging and innovative pieces that cater to different skill levels and vocal ranges, contributing to the enhancement of their choir's musical experience while promoting vocal health through well-crafted compositions.

Santa Barbara Music Publishing Company plays a crucial role in advancing music education by offering valuable resources for band, orchestra, and choir. Its curated selection aligns with the needs of music educators seeking accessible yet challenging material for their students or choirs.

Engage in the World of Choir Music

Discovering new repertoire for choirs is an exciting journey, and engaging in the world of choir music opens up a treasure trove of resources. Choir directors can befriend algorithms and browse through various online platforms to uncover fresh and inspiring choral pieces for their ensembles.

Websites like Graphite Publishing offer valuable platforms to explore and find captivating choir music, providing an avenue to discover new gems to enrich choir performances. Additionally, choral music publishers play a significant role in making a wide range of choir music accessible online, contributing to the wealth of resources available for discovering and exploring the vibrant world of choir music.

Moving forward with our exploration, let's delve into lesser-known websites that are hidden gems for finding extraordinary choir music experiences.

Our Top Five Choices

You may not know about these five choir music websites. Here is a list of the top websites for finding great choral music online:


  1. Choral Public Domain Library is the central portal to online resources and communication for the global choral music community, providing access to free choral music.
  2. Total Choir Resources offers easy, jargon-free training and bite-sized information to help choir directors navigate their journey and avoid potential challenges.
  3. Graphite Publishing is a valuable resource for discovering new choral music, offering a platform to browse and find great pieces for choir performances.
  4. Santa Barbara Music Publishing Company provides an extensive selection of choir music, catering to various difficulty levels and styles.
  5. Befriending the Algorithm - Utilizing algorithms through platforms such as Spotify or YouTube can introduce directors to new composers and pieces they might not have encountered otherwise.


Resources for Singers, Voice Teachers, and Choir Directors

Discover a wide range of resources for singers, voice teachers, and choir directors, including warm-ups for singers, opera resources, choral resources, general resources for singers, and books for singers.

These valuable tools and materials can enhance the skills and knowledge of music professionals in their respective fields.

Warm-Ups for Singers

To ensure that singers are prepared and their voices are ready for a fruitful practice or performance, warm-ups are crucial. Here are some effective warm-up exercises and resources for singers:


  1. Lip trills: This exercise involves producing a vibrating sound by blowing air through closed lips, helping to relax the vocal cords and warming up the voice.
  2. Sirens: Singers can slide smoothly from their lowest to highest notes and back down, aiding in vocal flexibility and range expansion.
  3. Breathing exercises: Techniques such as diaphragmatic breathing and deep inhalation exercises help singers control their breath support for better vocal delivery.
  4. Tongue twisters: Practicing tongue twisters enhances articulation, enunciation, and overall diction, promoting clearer singing.
  5. Vocal sirening: This exercise involves gliding up and down through the vocal range with a siren-like sound, facilitating flexibility and smooth transitions between different registers.


Opera Resources

After warming up their voices, singers can also benefit from accessing helpful resources related to opera. Here are some valuable online resources for opera enthusiasts and performers:


  1. Explore the Metropolitan Opera's Website: The Met offers a wealth of resources, including performance schedules, artist biographies, educational programs, and live streams of operas.
  2. Utilize the Opera America Website: Opera America provides a range of resources for professionals and enthusiasts, such as information on upcoming performances, career development opportunities, and industry news.
  3. Engage with The National Opera Center: This resource hub offers access to a variety of digital content, including masterclasses, workshops, and discussions about the art of opera.
  4. Access the Library of Congress' Online Collection: The Library of Congress provides a rich collection of historical opera recordings and scores, offering valuable insights into the evolution of this musical art form.
  5. Participate in Online Vocal Masterclasses: Many renowned opera singers offer online vocal masterclasses that provide valuable insights into vocal technique and interpretation for aspiring opera performers.


Choral Resources

Looking for resources to enhance your choir's music library? Here are some valuable choral resources that can help you discover new and exciting repertoire:


  1. Choral Public Domain Library (CPDL): Access a vast collection of free choral sheet music, ranging from Renaissance to contemporary compositions. This resource provides an extensive database of public domain works, making it a treasure trove for choir directors seeking diverse repertoire options.
  2. Total Choir Resources: Tap into jargon-free training and bite-sized information tailored specifically for choir directors. Gain practical insights on rehearsal techniques, repertoire selection, and overcoming common challenges faced in the world of choral music.
  3. Gerald Klickstein's curated resources: Delve into a comprehensive collection catering to singers, voice teachers, opera enthusiasts, and choir directors. Uncover invaluable tools aimed at advancing singing skills and navigating career growth within the realm of choir music.
  4. Music Education Websites: Explore curated online platforms dedicated to band, orchestra, and choir education. Benefit from a wide range of teaching resources designed to support music educators in enhancing their choirs' musical journey.


General Resources for Singers

Choir music enthusiasts, singers, and voice teachers can benefit from a variety of online resources specifically tailored to their needs. Here are some general resources for singers:


  1. Vocal Warm-Ups: Access warm-up exercises designed to improve vocal techniques and prepare singers for performances or rehearsals.
  2. Music Theory Tutorials: Explore websites offering interactive tutorials, quizzes, and resources to enhance understanding of music theory and sight-singing skills.
  3. Vocal Health Guides: Find valuable information on vocal care, maintaining vocal health, and preventing common singing-related issues.
  4. Performance Tips and Techniques: Discover articles, videos, and guides providing advice on stage presence, breathing techniques, and overcoming performance anxiety.
  5. Community Forums and Support Groups: Engage in online communities where singers can connect with peers, share experiences, seek advice, and find support in their musical journey.


Books for Singers

Looking for resources to enhance your singing skills? Check out these valuable books for singers:


  1. "The Inner Voice: The Making of a Singer" by Renee Fleming offers insights into the life of a professional singer, providing inspiration and guidance for aspiring vocalists.
  2. "The Contemporary Singer" by Anne Peckham covers various aspects of contemporary singing, including vocal technique, style, and performance, making it a comprehensive guide for singers of all levels.
  3. "The Diagnosis & Correction of Vocal Faults" by James C. McKinney delves into vocal troubleshooting and offers practical exercises to address common vocal issues, making it an essential resource for voice teachers and singers alike.
  4. "The Complete Handbook of Voice Training" by Richard Alderson and W. Stephen Smith provides a thorough understanding of vocal anatomy, techniques, and exercises to develop and maintain a healthy voice.
  5. "Freeing the Natural Voice" by Kristin Linklater explores techniques for developing a natural and authentic voice, offering valuable insights for singers seeking to unlock their full vocal potential.



In conclusion, discovering the best online resources for choir music opens up new possibilities for choir directors and singers alike. By befriending algorithms and exploring platforms like Graphite Publishing, we can unearth hidden gems in choral music.

From warm-ups for singers to specific resources tailored to voice teachers and choir directors, there's a wealth of knowledge waiting to be tapped into. Online resources not only broaden our musical horizons but also provide valuable support for those navigating the world of choir music.

Engaging with these digital tools can significantly enhance the quality and diversity of choral performances.


1. Where can I find the best online resources for choir music?

You can discover great online learning platforms that offer a wide range of choir music suitable for different voices and skill levels. Search for sites with high-quality audio tracks and sheet music to help you practice effectively.

2. How can I use these resources to improve my choir's performance?

Online resources often come with tools to learn songs step-by-step. Use these features to focus on challenging parts and work your way up until your choir masters each piece.

3. Are there specific online learning sites recommended for choir directors?

Yes, some websites are tailored especially for choir directors, providing tools such as arranging pieces, planning rehearsals, and tips on enhancing vocal techniques.

4. What should I look out when choosing an online resource for choir music?

Check if the site updates its content regularly with fresh music pieces and whether it offers a variety of arrangements that cater to different types of choirs from small groups to larger ensembles.